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Mosquito Trap Comparison

Nothing beats a Mosquito Magnet®...

See why Mosquito Magnet is # 1 – compare features and benefits listed below by checking out the informative mosquito trap comparison chart before buying the perfect mosquito trap for your yard!

Mosquito Trap Comparison Begins with "Smart Technology"

If you want the most that our mosquito machines have to offer, then either our top-selling Executive model or the NEW Commander Trap, both featuring the innovative "Smart Technology" is for you. Smart Technology includes an easy-to-read LCD panel and the choice of four economical fuel-saving modes. It's the state-of-the-art way to keep mosquitoes and other nasty flying insects at bay!

All Mosquito Magnet® Traps Feature CounterFlow™ Technology

Regardless of which Mosquito Magnet® trap you choose, you'll enjoy the benefits of the patented CounterFlow™ Technology system. CounterFlow™ acts as a type of powerful "mosquito vacuuming" system and works by sucking the pests into a net. Unable to escape, the mosquitoes become dehydrated and die. It's the effective, no-mess way to kill mosquitoes.

Power Supply Considerations for Mosquito Trap Comparison

When performing a mosquito trap comparison, sources of power are also an important consideration. With Mosquito Magnet®, you have several power options available. For instance, while the Commander, Executive and the Independence offer cordless operation, the less expensive Patriot model comes equipped with a 50' power cord. The Commander and Executive also feature a custom rechargeable battery, while the Independence offers the option of operating with 4 C-size batteries.

Mosquito Magnet® Executive Mosquito Magnet® Independence Mosquito Magnet® Patriot
Features Mosquito Magnet®
Mosquito Magnet®
Mosquito Magnet®
"Smart" Fuel-Saving Technology
(4 different modes - save on propane gas)
Cordless Yes Yes
Power Source Rechargeable Custom Battery Runs on 4 "C" Batteries 50' Power Cord
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Covers 1 Acre Yes Yes Yes
Patented CounterFlow™ Technology Yes Yes Yes
Patented Catalytic Converter Yes Yes Yes
360° Customer Service Yes Yes Yes
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Mosquito Magnet Trap Placement
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