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Mosquito Magnet® Trap Reviews & Testimonials

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As the #1 mosquito trap in America, Mosquito Magnet® has a big reputation to live up to. We pride ourselves on being the only long-term mosquito control solution that is scientifically proven to effectively reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects.

But what really matters is what people who have used Mosquito Magnet® have to say about our products. Check out these testimonials from actual trap owners and discover how a Mosquito Magnet® can help you put mosquitoes in their place.

Patriot Review & Testimonials



"...Our yard is ours again..."

This is our second Mosquito Magnet. We have been using the Patriot Mosquito Magnet for about 4 weeks now. Since we are in the southern region we are using the Lurex3 attractant. With a flashlight I can see at least 100 dried up mosquitos in the trap. This unit really works.

We had an earlier model purchased from a local home store several years ago. That one worked quite well even though we were using the Octenol attractant. The Lurex3 attractant is just the ticket for our day bitting mosquitos.

I am extremely pleased with the quality and function of the Patriot. The Mosquito Magnet web site is very helpful and ordering is a breeze. Thank you so much. Now our yard is Ours again.

Tom K. | San Antonio, TX



"...An acre and a half of gardens and woods..."

One of the best features of our New England home is our outdoor "sanctuary," an acre and a half of gardens and woods surrounded by conservation land. We would not enjoy our patio and our setting half as much, were it not for the Mosquito Magnet [Patriot] that truly does defend us!!! We just replaced the one we had for eight years, and rely on it for our peace of mind but especially for those get-togethers with family and friends!

Ellen R. | Hatchville, MA



"...Keeps me and my family safe..."

My Mosquito Magnet [Patriot] allows me to really enjoy summertime outside. I am able to sit on the deck, cook on the grill, and swim in the pool without pesky mosquitos. At the same time, it keeps me and my family safe from disease that mosquitos carry.

Darren P. | San Fransisco, CA



"...We NEVER have to spray on bug repellant..."

Before we were not able to be outside on our deck for more than 10 minutes before the process of being eaten alive was just to much for us. Now, not only can we sit outside and enjoy the deck, we NEVER have to spray on bug repellant. I have 2 toddlers and hate to use poisons on their skin and now we don't have to. I have to say I was wrong because I was sure this product would not work and was to good to be true but it DOES work!

Lisa C. | Valley Stream, NY



"...I have not had a pesky visitor since..."

The product really works. I had another which broke so I did some research and found the Mosquito Magnet. Then bought it on line. It was delivered very prompt, easy to put together and started catching mosquitos the same day. I have not had a pesky visitor since the arrival of the welcome Magnet.

Kathy A. | Sonora, CA

Independence Review & Testimonials



"...Thousands of dead mosquitoes..."

Mosquitos are the bane of my existence. They prohibit us from going outside all summer, except during the warmest part of the day when the sun is beating down on the yard (11am-4pm). Our patio set is 11 years old and looks brand new - Why? Because it's never used! We've only had the MM [Independence] for 1 week, so it's a little too soon to see much effect. However.......Absolute enjoyment from emptying thousands of dead mosquitos from the net. We've had to empty the net 3 times in one week!

Nancy Jean P. | Derry, NH



"...My family and friends don't get eaten alive..."

I live on 2 acres with lots of woods, swamps nearby and a pool. My magnet is always full so my family and friends don't get eaten alive. A smart spider moved into the magnet and got very fat!

Regina G. | Dellwood, MN



"...Made a huge difference for me and more importantly my dog..."

I bought my Mosquito Magnet last year after my dog had a stroke and was having a very hard time getting up. He enjoyed being outside watching me work around the house, but the mosquitos were hard on him… The Mosquito Magnet [Independence] did an incredible job; I was amazed at the thousands of mosquitos in the net each day. It made a huge difference for me and more importantly for my dog. It made his last months with me much more enjoyable. A thousand “thank yous” Mosquito Magnet.

Joshua B. | Millinocket, ME



"...Now, we are able to eat breakfast and dinner outside..."

Before Mosquito Magnet we were unable to use our deck in the back of our house in the morning or the evening. Now, we are able to each breakfast and dinner outside! It has been terrific!

Michael L. | Ipswich, MA



"...We live on a quarter acre and it keeps the pests away from our entire yard..."

We live in coastal NC and have a storm runoff behind our house that stays wet, but not flowing. We purchased this unit in March of this year in anticipation of mosquito problems and because of the "no-see-ums". It is now July and we have not had any issues with either. I actually can't believe how great this works! We live on a quarter acre and it keeps the pests away from our entire yard.

Moya J. | Sneads Gerry, NC

Executive Review & Testimonials



"...We've taken back our yard..."

One year ago, we could not walk in our large backyard without being attacked by mosquitoes and biting flies in the early evening. We put in a Mosquito Magnet [Executive] in early spring and collected incredible numbers of bugs in the net.

We are now able to walk in our backyard and note only an occasional mosquito. We’ve taken back our yard!

Howard G. | Boynton Beach, FL



"...My little girl can play outside now without gaving to be covered by repellant..."

We live in the south on the edge of river and creek swamp. In the spring the mosquitoes come out by the thousands. Going out to the car causes swarms of the pests to swarm around us. Within a few days of setting up our new mosquito magnet the swarms reduced to just a few flying around each person. After a couple of weeks just an occasional bug would come. Now we only have a few show up after a good rain has let another crop breed. My little girl can play outside now without having to be covered with repellant, and mowing the grass (about 2 acres) is not the chore it once was.

It has become a family pleasure to check the growing pile of bugs in the trap. It even traps the large Asian "tiger" mosquitoes that have come from the nearby seaport.

Rick C. | Nahunta, GA



"...Mosquitoes are totally under control now..."

After living here for 15 years, we are finally able to go out and enjoy our yard. New England has almost 7 months of winter like temperatures, and then goes right into 90-100 degrees. Mosquitoes are totally under control now with the mosquito magnet- yeah!

Richard H. | Westford, MA



"...We could never go into our backyard..."

Before we purchased the mosquito magnet [Executive] we could never go into our backyard because we would be constantly bit. Now with misquoting magnet we can enjoy our outside living space without getting bit. Thank you!

Rob B. | Glen Rock, NJ



"...Without the Mosquito Magnet my backyard would be unusable..."

I've been using a Mosquito Magnet product for over 12 years. I live near the Great South Bay on Long Island NY and between two creeks, without the Mosquito Magnet my backyard would be unusable most of the summer season.

Lisa G. | East Patchogue, NY

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Mosquito Magnet® Executive
Mosquito Magnet® Executive
With built in Smart Technology - advanced diagnostics perfect for large yards and pool areas.
Mosquito Magnet® Independence
Mosquito Magnet® Independence
Perfect for large yards, pool areas and places where electrical service is not accessible.
Mosquito Magnet® Patriot
Mosquito Magnet® Patriot
Great for large yards and patio areas.
Mosquito Magnet® Accessories
Mosquito Magnet® Accessories
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